AI, Ethics, and Geoethics (CS 5970)

Module 11: Future of Ethical AI


This module will take one week to complete


We have learned a LOT in this class about the need for ethical development and use of AI.  We spent most of the first part of class learning about the potential biases and misuses of AI.  In the last few modules, we have begun to focus on solutions as well including existing governmental policies for the development and use of AI. 

For our last module, we are going to read about different organizations that are focusing on the future of ethical and responsible AI development.  We will also revisit your personal goals for responsible and ethical AI development and create a set of goals as a class as well.


Day 1


  • (45-60 min) Many of the companies/NGOs/centers/etc. focusing on the future of ethical & responsible AI have a focus on ensuring AI is used for social good.  I want you to read about the ones linked below and also to find and post about others we may have missed.
    • The Good AI
    • The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning
      • They have created “The Responsible Machine Learning Principles.” Please read these.  Although they may feel like a review for some of you from previous modules where we created our own principles and where we have read about other principles to adhere to, they are important to see.
    • AI for Peace
      • In the previous module, we read a document produced by the AI for Peace initiative.  For today, explore the initiative and how they are helping to create long-term responsible AI
    • Trusted AI at IBM
      • This one is different from the ones above.  IBM is one of the leaders in AI development that we haven’t read about yet (we have already read documents from other large companies developing AI).  Explore their principles for created trusted AI and think about how this relates to ethical and responsible AI.



  • (10 min) If you can find additional centers, companies, NGOs, etc. dedicated to the development of responsible and ethical AI, please post about them in #case-studies.  Note, that the places linked in the article from the Good AI do not count.  This is in addition to any of those linked above.  


Grading Declarations

OU students, don’t forget to turn in your grading declarations on canvas!  Today’s declaration is called “Module 11: AI for good.” 

Day 2

For your final assignment, I want you to do two things.  First, we will revisit our personal goals for responsible & ethical AI development and second we will create a class-wide document.

Goals for responsible and ethical AI

  • Personal goals for responsible and ethical AI:  you have created a personal set of checklists and goals of how you want to be a responsible producer and consumer of AI.  Please revisit those goals and update them as needed based on everything you have learned to this point.  I expect that you have learned plenty that you will want to update at this point!  Keep in mind that this document is specific to you.  It should follow with your planned career path and goals.  The more general document comes next.
    • Turn your document in on canvas under “Module 11: Personal Goals”
  • Class-wide goals for responsible and ethical AI: Not everyone has the same path in their career.  Much of what we have been reading has very general and then you have personalized it.  You developed a great personalized plan above and now I want you to participate in a group exercise where you create a more general document as a class.  This document should not be a cut and paste of your personal documents!  It should be a short document (1-2 pages max) that spell out a general set of guiding principles for the development of ethical and responsible AI.  Consider the document part of the final product of class and something that you could share with people who haven’t taken the class.  Feel free to put in graphics as needed also.
    • To make it easy to collaborate, the document is available on Google docs.  To keep us from being bombed by outsiders, you will have to ask for permission to edit the document.  If your G-mail username isn’t obvious, make sure your message says your name from class.  


Grading Declarations

OU students, don’t forget to turn in your grading declarations on canvas!  Today’s declaration is called “Module 11: Goals.”