AI, Ethics, and Geoethics (CS 5970)

Module 8: Data Ethics


  • This module will take anywhere from a few days to two weeks depending on how you choose to explore it.  See the note below and on the information module for weeks 11-12 to fully understand how you choose-your-own-adventure with Modules 8 & 9.
  • For this module, we will be focusing on a book (which is freely available online!)

Choose your own adventure 

Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books?  You would read for a bit and then make a choice.  If you chose one way, you went to one page and another choice could take you to a different page.  Knowing what you know about AI & ML, those books were decision trees turned into a book!  We are going to re-create this idea for modules 8 and 9.

Everyone will start with a required assignment in module 8 and two required assignments in module 9. Then you can choose how you want to explore the modules in depth.  Each module will have about 2 weeks of material and you can choose how much of each module you want to explore.  You can focus entirely on one (except for the required assignment in both) or you can do half and half or whatever ratio you want, so long as you do 2 weeks of learning in the two modules.

p.s. note that this same text will be repeated at the top of both module pages in case you forget or get lost in what you are doing.

Overview: Data Ethics

For this module, we are going to focus on the ethics of data by examining a new book called Data Feminism.  This book is available online for free from MIT Press or you can purchase it or even download it chapter by chapter.  I chose to simply download it chapter by chapter and then combined it all into one pdf for easy reading. 

This book focuses on examining the ethics of data used for AI & data science through a feminist and intersectional viewpoint.  They examine biases in data collection (and also biases in not collecting certain data) and well as many other issues with data.   

Data Feminism

Cover of Data Feminism Book

Cover image from Data Feminism book

Required Assignment  

Day 1

Data Feminism 


Grading Declarations

OU students, don’t forget to turn in your grading declarations on canvas!  Today’s declaration is called “Module 8: Data Feminism and Power.” 

Optional Assignments

Days 2-6

Data Feminism Book

  • Read as much of the Data Feminism book as want while also exploring as much of Module 9 as you want.  The book is fascinating and discusses a lot of issues in data ethics! 



  • As you finish each chapter, discuss what you have learned in the #data-feminism channel.  I’m not giving a specific set of question prompts as some of you have asked for more open-ended discussion in your poll results and this module is already open-ended with some people choosing to do all of the book and some reading part of the book and part of the module 9 optional assignments.


Grading Declarations

  • The grading declaration here is going to be a little different and ask you how many chapters you read as well as how much you discussed.  It is called “Module 8: Data Feminism book” and should be completed when you finish the book (thus you can say how many chapters you read).