AI, Ethics, and Geoethics

A graduate-level course for credit offered through University of Oklahoma – Norman


An asynchronous Computer Science course (CS 5970) offered by University of Oklahoma – Norman 

3 credits

Spring semester 2021

Instructor: Dr. Amy McGovern

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 Course Content 

Module 1: Logistics and introduction

Course logistics and introduction to each other.


Module 2: Why do we need AI, ethics, and geoethics?

Overview of ethics issues in AI as well as technology in general.

Module 3: Enabling interdisciplinary research

Strategies for enabling interdisciplinary collaborations, including interdisciplinary habits of the mind and insights from the science of team science.

Module 4: Responsible conduct of AI research

Ethics of scientific research with a focus on AI research.

Module 5: Geoethics and AI

Ethics of geoscience-related research with a extra focus on AI.


Module 6: Bias in AI 

Bias in AI and technology in general.

Module 7: AI, humanity, and employment

AI impacts humanity broadly, not just in the ways we might initially think.  

Module 8: Data

Data needs to be clean and unbiased, which is not always straightforward.  Ethics of data sharing.

Module 9: AI and transparency and trust

How does the transparency of AI affect trust and how does this relate to creating ethical AI?  

Module 10: AI, liability, security, and policy

AI policies lag behind the technology.  What policies exist and what are the ramifications for liability? How can we secure AI models and data?

Module 11: Looking to the future

What can we personally do to ensure AI is ethical in all applications?

Project Module

Project information (cross-cutting across modules)

In The News

AI, Ethics, Geoethics in the news (cross-cutting across modules)

Important Links

Links to the final syllabus, mid-semester evaluations, etc.